Saturday, November 24, 2018

Not-So-Average School Photos | Child | El Paso, TX Photographer

This cutie patootie is jumping into Pre-K full swing!!! Do y'all hate the normal boring school pictures that most schools offer? I know I do. I mean ... I'll buy a few here and there, but really ... I'm not a green screen backdrop kinda person. I also feel like they rush the kids thru the line sometimes and well ... I get pics like this of my kid:

Oh em gee ... lmao. Even though it's hilarious, this hurts my little photographer heart! LOL

I love offering beautiful, different, and more relaxed school portraits. These allow your child to be comfy, take their time and truly shine in their portraits. I normally offer school minis right at the beginning of each school year and many people don't take advantage of them. I'm telling y'all ... you defiantly should. I take the time out for my own children's back to school photos as well. It's such a special time for them and I love capturing their character.

I've also been hired by a NC charter school for a few years to take their student's school portraits for both beginning of year and Spring! I'd love to customize school portraits for your child's school too! 

This little one is shy when you first meet her, but her personality is so amazingly sweet and has a fantastic creative side. She's an athletic little girl who loves to play in the dirt but also loves to dress up. I can't wait to see how Pre-K is for her. She's going to do great.

So be on the lookout when the next school year starts! I'd love to be your photographer! (also, nows the time to start thinking about your Senior Portraits as well!)

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