Sunday, August 12, 2018

Finally Home | Military Homecoming | Fort Bliss, TX Photographer

Have I mentioned before that I LOVE military homecomings?! Well ... I'm going to say it again. I LOVE MILITARY HOMECOMINGS! And so happens, a huge unit has been coming home and I've been lucky enough to photograph many families being reunited. Here is one of many special memories captured.

 (when big brother throws your ball ... <3)

Don't mind us ... just waiting around for Daddy to come home!

Silly, silly boys.

And FINALLY! They're here!!

 They spotted daddy in a sea of uniforms.

Best. Day. Ever.

First thing big brother said Daddy was going to do when he got home? Throw him in the air! <3

Welcome home Soldier!

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If you want to book a homecoming session, please check out THIS blog on how homecomings work!

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