Saturday, October 21, 2017

Forevermore | Wedding | Richmond, VA Photographer


When unique weddings come to mind ... this one is definitely it. And it was the COOLEST wedding I've been apart of! Take a look at this amazing Richmond, VA wedding at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum!

Check out their engagement session HERE.

 Love that the guys took a dat to pamper themselves too!

 Not your typical diamond ring.

Y'all when the bride asked if we could take bridal portraits in the cemetery .... I was like "YES YES YES!" Seriously guys, most amazing bridal party pictures I've ever taken and pretty sure this will top any others that may follow. (yes, that's a challenge for you potential wedding clients!!!) ;)

Guys, the Pow Museum is gorgeous! It's got that gothic, Victorian era vibe and oh so amazing!

The Bride walked the isle alone and as her groom saw her, everyone began to applaud. Power. Oh so powerful.

What I loved most of this wedding was that the couple kept it true to them. They laughed, the teared up, they involved their friends and family, they kept it casual. Motorcycle Club included.

It appears I have the amazing ability, along with my wedding photographer partner (Tysha Hallman Photo) to have wedding couples who love details!

So many unique, fun, and gorgeous details to photograph. There was something around every table, corner, and bar!

Keeping it casual was the theme - so of course, the bride and groom had to get comfy!!

This crew knew how to party! Definitely the party of the century and a reception I'll never forget!

During the reception, the motorcycle club "inducted" the bride by giving her a leather vest - "leathering."

This is a big deal as I soon learned. They will forever have a family in the club - thru thick and thin.

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