Thursday, June 1, 2017

Young Reunion | Military Homecoming | Fort Bliss, TX Photographer

She booked me months out. She wanted to ensure I would be there to capture this awesome moment of return. She had so much faith in me, it sorta intimidated me! LOL But I will forever love her for that! She pushed my creativity to a max and for that, I'm forever grateful.

Her time kept getting pushed back and I was getting nervous because the sun was quickly going behind the mountains. But what a sight to see when the plane's door opened and soldiers began to pile out.
She originally had told his parents that she needed help moving the house .. little did they know that they'd be in El Paso the day their baby was coming home! How fun is that?!

 She spotted him in the formation and that smile never left her lips .... until she was in his arms again.

Welcome home Soldier! Below is their video! You can ALWAYS add a video to any session for just $65 more! Ask me about it today!

(Be sure to watch ON Youtube to get the HD version!)


  1. She is the definition of young and beautiful. All her possess, they are so natural. It looks like she was born to be a model. The photography gave her an extra energy.

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