Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Big Family, Big Hearts | Family | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

This family was the last family session I did in Fayetteville. And WOW! To say I was a tad nervous when momma said she had four children under the age of 7 ... it's an understatement. BUT these children were the most well-mannered children I have ever met! They definitely put my children's manners to shame! haha

 They were up for any and all photography shenanigans. Super cute, and boy did they make me giggle.

 These two were so cute. I asked them to take a few pics of just them. "Do we really have to?" LOL Then I asked them to kiss ... LOL Man, these two are so in love and you could tell as we walked about the park and wrangling kids. LOL

This is just a giggle and a reason why you should hire a photographer. Sometimes I don't like to show all the secrets to my photographs ... but this was worth sharing. It took three photographs to get the kids all looking and/or smiling in one image. This my friends, is why you hire a photographer. <3

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