Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Country Sunset Dreams | Family | Fayetteville, NC Photographer

You know, many of my homecoming clients become some of my best clients ... and friends. This sweet family is one of those couples. I mean, I spend so much intimate time with them as they prepare to welcome home their loved one. I'm there when they're freaking out. I'm there when they're jumping up and down with excitement. I'm there to comfort them when they can't find their hero in formation. And I'm there to share in the joy of a safe return. But most of all, I love watching their families grow and reconnect. So when a homecoming client asks for a family session before PCSing (a bittersweet part of my job working so close to the military), I of course jump at the opportunity!

I mean come on?! How cute are they?! Oh and they put up with the sweltering heat this evening ... in the sun .... and still was able to smile and have fun. What troopers!

To change it up a little ... and get out of the hot sun. We headed to the shaded area under the tall pine trees that North Carolina has such an abundance of! ;) Ic an't believe this little man is THREE!

And his sister ... one already!  .... man, they grow so fast!

But let's face it ... being an adorable model in the heat isn't always fun and sometimes.... just sometimes, you have a literal meltdown. ;)

I'm sorry but this series was too cute not to share. Big brother was there to comfort sister and ... well, even if she didn't want the kiss on the forehead, he did it anyway. hahaha!

But no good deed goes unnoticed. She snuggled with big brother and my heart just freaking melted. A brother and sisters love cannot be broken. I love it!

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