Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sweet Return | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, NC Photographer

This family is fantastic. I mean, there's no other way of putting it. LOL. Dad emailed me from overseas simply stating it was probably too late to book, but his wife really wanted a photographer at Green Ramp when he returned and hoped it would be me. He mentioned what unit he was and event though it was last minute, I HAD to be there for them!

I contacted his wife and she gave me all the details and kept in constant contact with, just as I ask of all my homecoming clients. Through time changes and anxious nerves, the day arrived and the sweet return of daddy/hubby was captured through my lens. <3

There's no greater sight than soldiers walking in from their plane into the cheering hangar of awaiting family members!

 Though, we got a little nervous ... we couldn't spot daddy at first. And then, he surprised them out of no where!! ;-)

I just LOVE sweet reunions! They're full of so much emotion, especially LOVE!

 And boy! This family has so much love for one another and it just gleams off of them and it's contagious! They welcomed me into their family for a few hours and made me feel like part of them!

 And they both made me feel awesome! Mom emailed this to me upon receiving her images:
"Thank you sooo much!!! I love them!!! They brought tears to my eyes. There are a couple in particular that I just adore. I just love, love, love pictures of friends and family and "stuff" in general-so these are really extra precious. We will all enjoy looking back on these for the rest of our lives. But me in particular. I imagine myself old and happily sitting in a rocking chair reliving this day in my mind through your pictures. Something I've watched my grandmother do for hours at a time over the years with pictures of my grandfather (he was military too) and the family.
As I told you in my message earlier it not just the pictures that you took but it's the comfort of having you there. You have no idea how much your experience in this situation comforted me. That in it's self was priceless. And to too it all off you are such a sweet person!!  I can't wait to see the all rest of the pictures. Thank you again-for everything!!!"
I mean come on, how can you NOT feel warm and fuzzy after reading that?!

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