Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anxiously Reunited | Military Homecoming | Fort Bragg, N.C. photographer

Y'all know I love me some military homecomings! :-) Well, here's another one. This one was bright and early… like 3 a.m. early … But they actually didn't come through the door until 5 a.m. But it doesn't matter … they are home and the families couldn't be happier!

That moment you see him for the first time in MONTHS! <3

Family members videotaping on phones and sister getting lil' sister's reaction to her hubby's return.

This melts my heart … big sis holding sis's hand until she can go to her hubby.

And this is why I LOVE homecomings. So much can be caught in just one photo. My couple's blurred first hug, a wife hugging her husband as the children run up to daddy, a husband on his way to his wife, gramma being reunited with her grand babies, lots of Instagraming, and daddy being welcomed home by his fur babies … come on! Does this not make you smile!?

Above isn't my couple, but it's worth the share. He comes home from a long deployment … and what does he do?! He gets down on one knee and proposes! She said YES! (does anyone know these people? I'd love for them to have this pic!)

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