Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Fun | Mini Session | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

This year I had my holiday minis in a local tree farm, B&D Christmas Tree Farm. They are just the nicest small business owners I know and gosh ... I love the look of the place. Not to mention the light is just awesome.

This family was just a blast to photograph. They had me giggling the whole time ... it helps that I worked with the mom at the newspaper. ;-) She's a pretty cool chick!

I mean come on?! How cute are these pictures?! This was the easiest 2-year old I've every photographed! All smiles and giggles and willing to play along with "the crazy girl holding the camera!"

And then there was this "in-between" shot. I just love how mom is brushing his hair aside. <3

The families had the choice between some amazing holiday card templates and surprisingly this fun card was the one each family chose! :-) Different variations, but it was a hit! And how cute are they?!

I'd like to thank Chrissy's Creative Creations and 3 Krazies, Inc. for their part in the minis as well! Not only did these families get gorgeous images and holiday cards ... but they also got awesome handmade holiday decor!

Chrissy made holiday coasters for the families while Katrina from 3 Krazies made her awesome hand painted ornaments. The snowman was a hit!

***Do not copy, save or alter these images without the expressed permission of Sharilyn Wells Photography, LLC. All rights reserved.*** 
And of course, what better way to deliver this AMAZING package than at Starbucks?! Each family also got a little "Thank you" magnet for allowing me to spend a chilly, windy December afternoon with them. :-)

Make sure y'all keep your eyes peeled for more fun minis that I offer throughout the year! (Usually around the holidays!) They are the most bang for your buck and oh so much fun!

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