Tuesday, April 23, 2013

O.M.Gosh | Long time, No Write | Fayetteville, N.C. Photographer

So, let me first start out with .... well, I was going to apologize, but you guys know me. I'm going to apologize for not writing in like FOREVER and then promise not to do it again, and then I'll do it again, and it's a vicious cycle.

Well, I'm gonna skip all over that, even though you know I love ya'll! Last time I wrote, it was Saint Patricks day and the business had just been revamped. Well, I want to say that this whole new branding and approach to my photography kinda left me feeling blah. I mean, I don't get me wrong — I dig my new branding and what not, but I was in a creative lull. It was cold, rainy, and unseasonably ... not Spring here in North Carolina. So, I hid inside and just took a break from the camera.

However, I did take on some OpLove sessions, and took some pictures of Spring when it finally started to show. But I think the best thing to do was for me to take a breather after the holiday rush and just focus on me and my family. Which .... if you guys haven't found out yet, is getting bigger. (As well as my stomach!) Yep, the Wells' household is getting a new addition in October.

But never fear! SWP is back and running full force and I have a bunch of creative ideas and a few models on the hold for me to contact them and tell them it's a go! So stay tuned and just realize that even though I may not blog, I'm here and willing to be your photographer!

*** Please remember that all images are copyrighted to Sharilyn Wells Photography, LLC. Please do not copy or alter any images without SWP, LLC consent. ***

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