Wednesday, August 15, 2012

D-Day celebrations | Normandy, Fance |

I've finally finished editing my personal photos from the D-Day events I covered in June. Though most of the shots I'm going to be putting in my scrapbook at shots I took for the Army, I did get some "time off" to shoot my own stuff. I use air quotes 'cause I was still in uniform and technically still on Army time, but these shots were from MY camera, so they're MY photos! :-) Enjoy!

Aw, the joys of setting your camera on a ledge, hitting the self-timer and running in place. :-)

Omaha Beach. This was such an overwhelming experience! So many men fought and died on this sacred ground. It gives you a whole new appreciation of our forefathers!

This hero, Sgt. Maj. Jack Port, landed on the beaches of Omaha 68 years ago. He spoke to us about his fight and possibly, might have flirted with me a little. He was a private when he landed and because of so many men killed in action, by the time the war was over, he was a sergeant major. That's like 8 (considering the rank structure back then) pay grades higher. He was only 18 when he landed.
Yes, this is me "frolicking" through the many daisy fields on Point Du Hoc. It's a photographers dream over there! Wild flowers everywhere! I just needed models and everyone that was around me was in uniform! Where were my hippie loving models when I needed them?!
Pegasus Bridge is where the British made a HUGE leap for us in the war. The 4th Para, The Royal Parachute Regiment, took us here to learn about the 4 gliders that landed here and surprised the Nazis. They took and secured the bridge giving the Allies a BIG advantage.

Utah Beach. Another huge landing that set the Allies success in WWII. And Look! They built me a house!
 Ending the post with this befoe and after of an old' dog and his master. Here's the thing. The French are sooo proud of us that when the D-Day events kick off, they are dressed like US soldiers of the era. They drive old military jeeps, motorcycles and I even saw some tanks. I mean it's just so amazing to see this. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to see and visit these amazing sights at least once in their lifetime. It's awesome. And like I said in my other POST, the stories you hear of our heroes of the war ... you'll remember them for a life time. To see my pictures from London, click HERE.

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