Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

So I've tried doing the 365 Photography Challenges and a 52 Week Photography Challenge and have yet to succeed in any of them. I tend to forget about days, get too busy, or am just plain lazy. While reading an amazing fellow photographer's blog, Shannon Joy, she shared a 30 day photo challenge (who is also doing a 365 day challenge). She and a friend were participating in it, and I thought to myself ... "30 days, I can do 30 days."

So today is the first day: Self-Portrait

    I've taken numerous "self-portraits" before, but some reason this one was a toughy for me. I was going for artistic, but I also wanted to look good! :-) Usually, I just snap away and feel confidant enough to share one or two with friends. But today, like I said, it was a toughy!

Below is my challenge. Wish me luck ... I will succeed at this.

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