Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Business shoot

This session was a BLAST! La Toya was all smiles, fun to work with, and had A LOT of ideas! We had a fun filled two hours that just fly by. We started at Methodist University near the "pie" sign because she is really into numbers and math. She also owns her own music business, so we took a ton of pictures with her numerous instruments. The electric guitar was PERFECT to mess around with selective color and the university's structures were amazing! I even tried to mess around with back light. It didn't turn out EXACTLY how I wanted it, but it worked out.

After taking a few shots outside, I also took some more portrait style photos inside for her business and also got to see her music studio. That is where the session got really good ... she is so comfortable behind the soundboard and the journalistic photos I took were amazing!

Please see below for the great pics!

In the studio she was a natural!

 This is to show you how much fun she really is! Who wouldn't
want to do business with her?! She's great!

For more information on this lovely lady and to listen to her music, please see:

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